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"OPEC of the West" was founded 2006.05 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity

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  This website is here to help you build simple fun hobby robots and parts.

ITMT, here are links to downloadable SolidWorks CAD files for the RoboNova-1
These can be used for Robotic Simulators as well as actual part making for yourself.

RoboNova-1 Brackets Standard

RoboNova-1 Brackets Odds 'n Ends

RoboNova-1 Brackets SwivelHipsKit Aluminum/Alloy Brackets

RoboNova-1 Brackets SwivelHipsKit 5mm Thick Plastic Brackets

5mm SwivelHipsKit for RoboNova-1

You can also visit the 3D Content Central Library online for many sheet metal versions of my CAD models ... find the link below.

Do you need something designed into a 3D CAD Model?
I'm available and can export files to many common formats.

SwivelHips & RN1 Brackets on 3D Content Central

more RN1 Brackets on 3D Content Central


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