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"OPEC of the West" was founded 2006.05 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity

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  G-Codes - The tool path to follow;
The wiki is a great source for more details should you need them ...

G00 = Position (Fast speed)
G01 = Linear interpolation (Feed speed)
G02 = Circular interpolation (CW)
Format: X__Y__I__J__ I,J are relative distance from start to center. Incremental Z can be added for helical designs.
G03 = Circular interpolation (CCW)
G17 = Cancels G60 Command
G27 = Reference point return check
G40 = Tool Radius compensation off
G41 = Tool Radius compensation left
G42= Tool Radius compensation right
G60 = Switch data from Y to W * radius factor
G70 = Input in inches
G71 = Input in millimeters
G80 = Cancel Peck Drilling Cycle
G83 = Peck Drilling Cycle, Format: X____Y____Z____R____Q____P____F____
G90 = Absolute move (Modal)
G91 = Relative move (Modal)
G98 = Return to initial point in canned cycle
G99 = Return to R point in canned cycle

M-Codes - Extended machine controls;
The wiki is a source for a few more details should you need them ...

M00 Program Stop
M01 Optional (Planned) Stop
M02 End of program
M03 Spindle CW
M04 Spindle CCW
M05 Spindle OFF
M06 Tool change
M07 Coolant #2 ON
M08 Coolant #1 ON
M09 Coolant OFF
M10 Clamp
M11 Unclamp
M12 Unassigned
M13 Spindle CW & Coolant ON
M14 Spindle CCW & Coolant ON
M15 Motion +
M16 Motion -
M17 Unassigned
M18 Unassigned
M19 Oriented spindle stop
M20-M29 Permanently unassigned
M30 End of tape
M31 Interlock bypass
M32-M35 Unassigned
M36-M39 Permanently unassigned
M40-M45 Gear changes if used, otherwise unassigned
M46-M47 Unassigned
M48 Cancel M49
M49 Bypass override
M50-M89 Unassigned
M90-M99 Reserved for user

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You can also visit the 3D Content Central Library online for many CAD models ... the link is below in the resource lists.


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