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"OPEC of the West" was founded 2006.05 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity

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Robotics 101c - building an R/C car -

Now we're ready to add the R/C (Remote Control) ...

First we need to add the "Y" adapter (V Tail Mixer) to the radio receiver and connect the two servo motors to the "Y" adapter ...

The "Y" adapter allows one radio channel to control both servo motors turning to run the robot forward and backwards while another channel selects turning.

These are the two channels that the right stick on your radio controls.

Now connect to two servo motor leads to the large single end head of the "Y" ... the two leads from the "Y" goto the Aileron and Elevator inputs on the radio receiver.

You can see in the image above there are three wires on each lead ... Brown, Orange and Red ... some other manufactures use Black, Red, White while others use Black, Orange, Red ...

The important thing to know is to match Browns or Blacks with Browns or Blacks ... the systems are designed so that if something is connected up backwards ... it just doesn't work at all.

Now the battery hook up is easy ... find an empty space on the radio receiver and connect the battery

Next to Turn ON the Radio and Test


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