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"OPEC of the West" was founded 2006.05 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity

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Robotics 101b - building an R/C car -

This sketch is based on a real cardboard box I got with my newest glasses in the mail ... it's 210mm long, 90mm wide and 60mm deep;

Standard size hobby Servos are about 40mm long x 20mm wide x 40mm deep ... so cut a rectangular hole on each side of the box to mount the continuous rotation servo motors so it's just slightly above the inside bottom;

Of course you could center the servo cut-outs from front-to-back so the box flops back 'n forth as you go forward or backwards ... that works too ... but I have other plans for the wheels forward of the center later.

Now you can either use clip-rivits (little 3mm plastic rivets) or 3mm screws and nuts or what I like best is White Glue to mount your two continuous rotating servo motors into place;

Next the R/C SetUp


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